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Check out what our Bin Babes and partners have been doing.

There With Care LOVES Bin Blessed - 
May 2024

On behalf of There With Care and the families we serve, I wanted to send a giant THANK YOU to Bin Blessed for the 75 beautiful and thoughtful Mother’s Day bags.  The Programs team was so proud to send each bag and knew they would make such an impact on the mothers we’re supporting.  Many of the moms we work with are single parents, working 24 hours a day to keep their families together, fed and clothed, all while taking care of their critically ill child.  To be able to support and celebrate these women was an honor. Thank you for helping us do that.  Below are some quotes from several moms and pictures they shared with us.


“Yes I definitely did and it was awesome and I really appreciate you ❤️ 💕 doing that for me 
I never get a gift because Johnny doesn't understand so it was so nice to get something 
I just felt so blessed and happy 😊❤️❤️❤️ 💖 “
Kimberley R 💖 😊 


 “I have a mom on bedrest waiting for her baby and she is all alone because her husband is in Cheyenne taking care of their other kiddos.  She sent a message yesterday that she got her delivery with her Mother's Day bag...and ‘It made me smile so much.  Thank you, I really do appreciate it.’" - Tommi

2024 Mother's Day 2.jpg
2024 Mother's Day 4.jpg
2024 Mother's Day 5.jpg
2024 Mother's Day 3.jpg
Keller Williams Red Day
May 9, 2024

Keller Williams Red Day is offered once a year to Keller Williams employees to step away from work to Renew, Energize, and Donate to support their community. This year, thanks to Kathy Welhaf, Bin Blessed was chosen as their charity to support with a Food Drive. Red Day was held on Thursday, May 9 at the Keller Williams Castle Rock location and hundreds of items were donated all for There With Care families. This Corporate event was a HUGE success! Bin Babes were on hand to meet employees and answer questions about Bin Blessed. Special thanks to There With Care’s Amber O’Connell and Bin Babes Sharon Hulse and Kathy Magaziner for ensuring all the donations arrived safely at There With Care.

On Red Day 2024 donations:
2,136 Diapers
600 Baby Wipes
625 Pounds of Food
Total Dollar Value of In-Kind Donations: $1,927

Red Day.png
2024 Red Day 4.jpg
2024 Red Day 3.jpg
2024 Red Day 1.jpeg
2024 Red Day 2.jpg
A new MomCo

Journey Church MomCo has contacted Bin Blessed to sponsor future mini-bag events and to help collect our Top 5. New partnership will begin in the Fall!!


SPECIAL thanks to our Beautiful MomCo Mom’s that will be taking a break over the summer!!! We look forward to seeing you all again in the Fall!!


Rock Star Babe/MomCo Leader Haleigh Wheeler has stepped up to be a Bin Host over the summer while MomCo is on a break to collect Top 5 items from her friends and neighbors.

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