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Our Story

The idea began years ago when our family lived in Littleton, CO. We were involved with a wonderful non-profit called The Gathering Place (TGP) – a daytime shelter for homeless and at risk of homelessness women and children.

Our family reached out to neighbors by putting a plastic bin on the front porch of our home and distributing flyers to them requesting they put an item from the TGP needs list. We witnessed the kindness and generosity of our neighbors as they dropped items in the bin with no expectation of recognition of any kind. We never knew who brought what, just that we were surrounded by neighbors who cared for those less fortunate than them.


We moved to Midland, TX in the late 1990’s and began the ‘bin’ concept on a much grander scale (it was Texas after all) and enlisted several neighborhoods in our mission. There is more than “big hair” in Texas, there are “big hearts”. We were sharing our bin contents with a battered women’s shelter and a transitional home for women and children. We were putting blessings in a bin, so we named it ‘Bin Blessed’. It was very successful and brought everyone involved a sense of joy and community spirit to give in such a simple way.


Fast forward to March 2015, Castle Pines, CO, when I felt God calling me to put this easy act of giving back into action. My husband and I were involved with There With Care and the more I learned about this amazing organization the more I knew we needed to support them in a meaningful way.


Because of the amazing kindness and commitment of our friends and friends of friends we are watching Bin Blessed soar beyond our expectations. It is our true belief that most people are kind and generous and desire to help others in need. In the case of There With Care, Bin Blessed is a vehicle to take our blessings from our neighborhood and businesses and through a simple plastic bin show that we care for families of critically ill children.


We hope to follow There With Cares’ example: We don’t just say we would like to help; we do by contributing to the Bin Blessed bins and put our thoughts into action.


We’ve ‘Bin Blessed’ have you? With our deep appreciation,

Bruce and Cy DeBoer

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